Register here for the three day Enlightenment Intensive to be held in person March 9-12 weekend, 2023 in Bolinas Calif.. The Cost is $600. The intensive begins Thursday Mar. 9th, at 5PM Pacific Time, and continues through Sunday, Mar 12th, closing at 5 PM. All participants are invited to a free, optional half-day event for life-alignment, Mon. March 18th from 9 to 1 online.

Or register for the in-person Enlightenment Intensive in Bordeaux France, Sept 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This Intensive begins on Thursday Aug 31st in the evening. Contact Pitaka by email for complete details. Or you are welcome to attend both if you wish.

If this is your first intensive with Pitaka, email a small format recent photo of yourself to  [email protected] and Pitaka will set up an interview with you on Zoom to complete your registration.

Full payment is required to reserve your space, it's easy using the Paypal link. It is highly recommended that you read the website content and this complete page   then email Pitaka for full details. 

Application for an upcoming Intensive with Pitaka

1. My full name and the dates and location of the intensive I am applying for.

​2. How I heard about the intensive

3. Marital status, gender identification

4. Phone number and email address

5. Spiritual orientation, religion if any, philosophy, yoga/meditation, study, etc.

6. State of physical and emotional health, any medications? side effects?

7. Do you have a history of addiction, depression or mental illness? (when? is it resolved?)

8. Do you wish to learn the art of inquiry? (a unique practice of focusing, intentional questioning, opening​ to something deeper than the every day) Does self-sourcing Truth interest you?

9. How do you wish to benefit by attending? Is your intention awakening to Truth directly? (consider this deeply)

10. Do you Do you have a computer or tablet with a stable wifi

11. Are you willing to follow guidelines, such as wearing modest clothing, maintaining silence between structured communication activities and our daily schedule of meals, silent meditation and active inquiry?

12. D​o you have trouble sleeping? If so explain?

13 Are you willing to refrain from the use of all drugs, alcohol, and smoking at any time during the intensive, including before arrival?

If you have questions email [email protected] 
After you apply here, Pitaka will contact you for an interview before you pay.
Then you can omplete your registration using the Paypal button on this page.
The cost for in-person Enlightenment Intensives with Pitaka in California is $600. 

You will receive confirmation of your reserved space from Pitaka and receipt of payment from Paypal via email, followed by a participant welcome and information letter near the start date. 

In the case of cancellation due to an emergency, a gift certificate for the following year will be given. You will be notified when in-person intensives are available. The residential rate will be $600 at Point Reyes National Seashore, for shard accommodations, instruction and all meals.