We are Lovers of Truth, and know each other because of our experience of The Enlightenment Intensive. 
In the Enlightenment Intensive context "Truth" refers to Reality in the ultimate sense. Inquiry into the experience of Truth, which is deeper than insight or any phenomenon is our purpose. 

We are deeply bonded through our sharing and trust building. Many of us continue to connect beyond the three-day online or in-person Enlightenment Intensives. Here is what some participants have said about their experience...

"My intensive experience in the beginning was flushing out the past from the mind. My past was and usually has been my focus and Pitaka reminded me several times about being present and addressing the question. This was also a most important message she had sent prior to the intensive. This was extremely helpful. A continuous reinforcement of being PRESENT is most needed in my case. This may be the most important lesson realized."

"Once the past focus had faded, then the Koan inquiry began. The questions are unanswerable, but can be expressed with what I call, sincere spontaneity. Some of my answers were. Just this, I want to grab the grabber, everything, the door squeak, absorbing the environment, breath, repeating the sounds I would hear, describing the feelings in my body and mind. At one point I was absorbed into the chair and realized I could just sit there for hours. One memory I like the best is when it felt like the words and thoughts on my mind were getting brushed off. The words and thoughts were not sticking to the brush. A brush was clearing the word dust off of mind into non existence." 

"I felt very connected and care deeply for everyone at the intensive. Thanks again Pitaka, for your inspiring commitment to this question. When another participant was opening up, you were to my left and I could hear and feel your joy, our joy."   
"The schedule of timing for inquiry, tea, meal, breaks, etc. were perfect for me. I would not change a thing."
Cayle C. 2019

"When I registered for the intensive I was expecting a weekend filled with meditation, Zen lectures and long nature walks. On the first night I asked Pitaka what a dyad was and she responded “you’ll see” with a twinkle in her eye. What unfolded over the next 3 days was completely unexpected and utterly transformative! Pitaka lovingly guided us through the inquiry process and kept us on track seeking the truth. She created a safe, comfortable, open and receptive environment. Everyone in the group was extremely courageous, patient, honest, supportive and nonjudgmental. The constant eye contact with my partner encouraged a deeper introspection. Gradually, over the course of the weekend, the layers were stripped away and it became more and more clear who I really am. By the end of the third day I felt as though my true essence was revealed and I viewed my body as simply a framework which transports me from place to place. I have felt a sense of inner peace and calm since the intensive." 
Christine N. 2019

"Since the intensive, I feel whole in the present, despite whatever remains incomplete with my life projects. My mind and body are light and clear. I have more energy. My heart is wide open. I am meditating more and less inclined to listen to news on the radio or watch television. The habitual impulses to fill myself up--with reading, radio, TV, food, drink, etc. are absent. There is so much beauty in this world, in other beings and in nature, I don't want to miss it by dulling my mind and senses. I resonate with your vision of an intentional community based on these intensives and I really enjoyed your poetry. With deep gratitude..."
Heather S. 2019

"Attending the 3 day intensive gave me a clear vision of what I want in life.The feeling of connection to nature and my inner peace from the intensive are staying after two weeks. 
I feel like the time has been passing by very slowly...
The retreat center was in a beautiful secluded area of Point Reyes Shores and access to the beach was a big plus."
Shu R. 2019

​"Sitting here watching the birds, drinking tea feeling the opening in my solar plexus, breathing in and out...
What I enjoyed? The opening within my body/mind. The deep and sustained contact with others. The nurturing and trust which comes from eye contact with others. The commitment to truth and service to others. This LIFE substance, entering my body/mind through a portal in my heart/solar plexus which evaporates my wanting mind, leaving joy and deep gratitude to be experienced. 
As for your mastering I deeply appreciate your commitment to the form and truth. You are willing to hold the room and the container of the intensive with a fierceness and one pointed focus which serves the inquiry. You listen and watch and intervene to help keep the inquiry fresh and deep."
Russel S. 2019

It is my sincere hope that you will join us, Pitaka

​We will be gathering for our next  in-person Enlightenment Intensive at Point Reyes National Seashore, Bolinas, California. when the COVID pandemic recovery allows. Because our participants travel from around the globe this is necessary.

Our next intensive will be held online with a skilled and caring staff to support the structure so we can all receive the teaching on how to inquire in meditation and how to inquire and communicate in dyads with a partner. We will be in ongoing Inquiry and gathering for talks, Q and A, and sitting or walking meditation for three days with Pitaka. Each day participants will meet with Pitaka privately for an interview. 

Apply using the fillable form on the registration page.