Zen and the Art of Inquiry intensives are offered once annually.
Your guide is Pitaka. This will be her 62nd intensive. With a background in both Soto and Rinzai Zen and experience with many non-dual contemplative world traditions and teachers.

Pitaka offers support for each individual at any stage on their journey. Pitaka has experience providing leadership of sitting meditation groups, stress reduction trainings, personal growth support groups and counseling. She is a practicing Soto Zen priest in San Francisco.

About the intensive theme and process...​

"It is essential to understand the main idea when entering this intensive... No belief is required to encounter Reality. Sometime during the retreat you may notice many previously held ideas, concepts and beliefs dissolving, giving you space. Whatever we think may be so, we must, in the words of the Buddha, find out for ourselves...
Questioning, wondering, like a child wonders, truly being open, this is the spirit of inquiry. Just for awhile not filling the space with our knowing.

This intensive does not require any previous experience of meditation. There are guidelines for the support of all the participants, such as no intoxicants, following the schedule of activities including silent periods, and non-interference with other participants.

To sign up, go to the intensive registration page. It's easy to register using email and Paypal.